Facebook friend to get more Facebook Likes?

How to find potential Facebook friend to get more Facebook Likes?

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Find out most ignorant trick to get more Facebook likes

Well, You all must be knowing how to invite all friends to like a page on Facebook (at a single click) from your account. But, do you ever realized that after sending an invitation, an only minimum number of Facebook friend do like your page.

I always wonder, what exactly would be the reason? Why many of the sent invitation gone in vain?

After experimenting with many factors (like peak time to send invitation etc), one thing I had noticed, not all of your added friends on your Facebook would be interested in your niche.

The highest factor to get more Facebook likes is, a person who is interested in your niche would highly be entertained to put thumbs up on your page.

If your Facebook page is built on those niches, which do not hold interest to whom you sent the invitation. Then, there is a high probability that people would ignore your invitation in the notification itself.

Now the question arises, how to find those Facebook profiles who would be interested in your niche and hence, get more Facebook likes on your page.

Many of the professional and experienced would have neglected this strategy. As it involves a bit of consuming time to send invitation manually or those who don’t mind spending money on advertisement lavishly.

However, this idea would definitely be fruitful for a small blog, a newbie, and solopreneur.

So, here is the ideal approach to get more Facebook likes by your potential Facebook companions.


Whenever you post a new article on your Facebook page. Try to boost that post or if you are getting enough organic like then it is still ok.

I don’t mind shelling out $1 on boosting a post on the Facebook page. I usually boost my post on Facebook to grab more traffic and awareness from Facebook. Especially, during my initial launch of my blog.


Step 1 

  Click on the link. Where you can see the name of the Facebook companion who have liked your post. (Like button, below the post).

  Then, a dialogue box would appear after clicking.


Step 2 

  It is a natural tendency. Whoever liked your post would be interested in your niche. This proves that these are the correct targeted people of your niche.

  Click on the INVITE button.

Important Note – Timing factor plays a big role over here.

I have also experimented on timing factor as well. As soon as you get a Facebook likes on post at that similar moment if you send them an invite then, it is a higher chance to get a Facebook likes back on your page.

But, if you delay the timings may be after 1 or 2 hours then you would get a less action on your invitation.

This could be the also reason that if you delay in sending an invitation. Until then many of the viewers would be offline on Facebook. This could lead in pushing down your invitation in the notification. Next time, when they would be available then people usually only check top most notification.


Hope you would have liked this most ignorant trick. Give your review on this article so that I can keep on inspiring to bring you more free trick.

Do experiment by yourself and judge by yourself that trick gets more Facebook likes on the page as compared to sending an invite to all your Facebook friends.

Do share me your experience by writing down below in a comment.

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