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We are at present searching for quality writers who can craft perfect words and engage viewers on a wide range of topics. The audience we have aimed as targets are mainly small business owners as well as bloggers.

If you are interested in establishing an online presence of your knowledge on topics such as

  • WordPress Theme
  • Web Hosting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing

You are most welcome.

We take pride in offering you an online platform where you can express yourself. If your content is shorn of complexity, jargons and is a read-away for all, we at VOICEUNEED will become an indispensable ally in your quest for fame.

A visitor coming to your article should feel the strong, visual imagination from your words on the topic that can make him/her forget reality. We always feel that the best content is written choosing the path of subtle elegance and knowledge is in synonym with an easy explanation.

What would you get?

If you can put a little effort in the post, you can also gain views plus the additional bonus of payment in your favorite field. You can get one backline in your author box section.


Our Requirements

• Make your article stand out from similar topics by giving it a “viral” title

• The content should be made responsive to relevant images and charts of proof for facts and reviews

• Content should be framed with a clear strategy. Have a clear idea as the focus and start spinning words in the form of a web around the center point to get high rankings on search engines.

• Kindly inform as to how your article can attract a large number of readers.


If your article contains an in-depth description of a theme or concept, we will offer you every help.  The article will be displayed in the best possible way it can be, to be transformed to the most viral content for our loyal and to-be loyal readers.


We Are Extra-Sensitive In The Below Mentioned Points

• We welcome and publish only your own written content. If you have posted it prior in your website/blog or anywhere on the internet, our reply will be a blatant no.

• Any post should have 2,200 words and that includes H1, sub-headings, and content. We emphasize more on details but they have to be simplified, easy-to-read and relatable to the topic.

• We are interested in assisting our guest writers but have certain limitations. You are eligible to have one link to your website in your bio. We are not open to articles which have multiple links to products or other pages.

• All the facts should be sponsored by trustworthy resources

• Generic Press releases and ABC articles are a strict no-no

If your profile is shortlisted, you will be honored with post format guidelines.

Are you energetic? Do our guidelines match with your requirements for an interactive experience? Then be kind enough to send us your pitches.


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We also welcome bloggers who would like to have a guest posting on their blogs.



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