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Invite all friends to like page on Facebook in one go & save time – Learn now

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Just one click & you can invite all friends to like page on Facebook – Discover now


No doubt in this, Facebook is the topmost business growing social media platform. And, I believe Facebook is the first priority of every network, company or group to grow their businesses through Facebook.

Thousands of people use “INVITE” function of the Facebook platform. Either to invite for an event or to send invite all friends to like page. This INVITE has become the most free powerful tool to enhance your likes on Facebook pages.

Being a human, it is a natural tendency many of you would not entertain to use invite just because it consume loads of your precious time. But, for those who don’t wish to shell out money on an advertisement. For them, this trick would turn out to be fruitful.

Forget all your worry. The solution of sending invite all friends to like page at one go has been discovered. And, thanks to the author who had built this unique app from which we all could easily save our time.

Now, it’s time to save your time and unleash the power of INVITE.


Let’s demystify the power of sending invite at one go –

Step 1

•  Open your Chrome search engine. This trick would only work with Chrome extension.

•  Click below button to install, “Invite All Friends on Facebook” app in your chrome extension.

Invite All Friends on Facebook


•  When the “Invite All Friends on Facebook” app installation is successful.

•  Open your Facebook account –> Go to your event page or Facebook page in order to send an invite.

•  Click on Invite Friend as shown in below image


Step 2

•  Dialogue box would appear, where you can see invite button. Instead of clicking on invite button manually —> Click on tick mark symbol as shown in below images.

“Where to find tick mark symbol?

Either at the right above corner where you can see all the install app icons in chrome extension bar.

Or else in some chrome version, it would appear inside the Chrome search bar at the right-hand side.

PS – the place varies as per the different version of Chrome search engine.”

Step 3

•  After clicking on tick mark symbol. It would take few moment to invite all friends to like page. Don’t be scared when you see warning dialogue box right beneath the above dialogue box. Do not close the process wait until you receive the final message of successfully sending invite all friends to like.


•  When you receive the below dialogue box, where they are confirming that they have successfully sent invite all friends to like. Then, this means your task is done.


Below is the video version of the same process.


It is easiest, time-saving and saving workload trick would have definitely pleased you by knowing this trick. I really enjoy using this trick. It helps me out as a catalyst to save my time and earn quick likes. If you have really enjoyed this article and leave your like on this blog. And, give your opinion by dropping a comment below.

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