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Letsocify Reviews – Future of list building machine

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Letsocify Reviews – Revolution in the Facebook Notification Marketing

In today’s world of digital marketing, Facebook has become the crucial platform to drive source of traffic crazily to their business. Facebook is the one platform which serves both small & big businesses to increase their profit and sales.

And, Facebook is the only place where you can find any kind of customers in more number because it is the only platform which engages 1.23 billion number of people in the world.

Imagine, if you could capture your ideal customer’s genuine facebook email ID by just one click.

If I say, you can also re-target your subscriber or you can drive visitors to return to any URL of your business page without shelling out money on Facebook Ads.

Then, I believe all the awesomeness of marketing you have been imagining has now turn into reality.

 Letsocify is the newly launched software in the market, which will help you to drive sales crazily without spending money of engagement or Ads. 

It is the one stop solution for all the internet marketer, especially who’s business is majorly depend upon social media.

 Letsocify is an online software which enables you to reach infront of your ideal customers on Facebook through “Facebook Notification”. 


Some experts say,

It is the auto responder of Facebook notification.

System of re-engaging users on & off on Facebook for free; or

Machine to increase engagement from Facebook in an autopilot mode.


I believe –

It is the swift army knife of Facebook marketing in a low budget.


Let’s demystify Letsocify –

Letsocify Reviews
Monetize Features
Consumer Rating
It will lead you to increase in the engagement of your post, page or likes up to 400%
High click through rate up to 90% which would elevate the sales of your business.
Drive traffic easily from Facebook.
Capture your ideal customer's Facebook email ID by just one click.
Re-target your subscribers without shelling out money on Facebook Ads.
You can customize auto-responder message and schedule the time
Allows you to set-up range of messages in a series before hand as per actions.
Being a social media marketer, I'm also thinking what is the cons?
Letsocify is the perfect cost effective solution for those businesses, startups & bloggers whose major sales & profit drives from social media platform. It is a one pack solution for those, who has been tired of shelling out money on Facebook Ads just to seeks "Click Links" on their ads; especially businesses into eCommerce, dropshipping & services based industries. And, it is for those who wanted to enjoy more engagement with less time expenditure.


Overview – Letsocify  Reviews

Vendor – Kimberly le Vries

Product Name – Letsocify

Launch Date – 21 Feb, 2017

Front End Cost – $27 

Sales Page –  Click Here

Niche – Software

Discount – Available Claim Here

Money Back – 30 days money back guarantee




Elevate your Click Through Rate (CTR) of Facebook Up to 90% open rates.

Increase the click rates on links or post or landing page up to 50%

Leverage engagement of your social media post, page & emails up to  400%

Drive Sales and traffic more without spending money on Ads extra, which is expensive

Buy now to enjoy limited competition, best platform to target where all users hang-out

Obtain your ideal customers Facebook email address by ONE-Click feature

Send notifications direct to your users Facebook instantly

You can customize your messages by including your customer’s personal details

Extra features of messages by sharing relevant emotions with your audience

You can set up the timings and date of the messages before it reached to notification

Letsocify also hates SPAM. You would not lose your messages to SPAM again

Drive visitors to your any URL/LINK with one click from Facebook notification message

You can re-target your audience and subscribers without spending on Facebook Ads

Send messages in a series manner based on the user’s clicks and engagement before

Automatically build your ideal consumers email list

No more tension of fake emails

Downloadable with segmentation data

You will be enjoying two ways retargeting method i.e. Facebook Notification & Email Marketing

Now you can legally spy on your user’s interest, location and more




Get Discount, only if you take action now

what all included in the bonus of letsocify?

what all included in the bonus of letsocify?

Bonus 1 – You will get pre-made professionally presented intro & outro videos

You can easily use this professionally pre-made intro & outro presented a video to leverage any action done by hungry buyers. It uplifts the advertisement and delivers your message in a better way.


Bonus 2 – Get call to action full page builders for wordpress

Now, all the internet marketers can enjoy call to action full page builder, which is itself is new in the market.


Bonus 3 – WP Engage Plugin

This plugin helps you to create engaging polls and surveys in a matter of second. It will elevate your marketing tactics after understanding the polls, surveys & demographics.


Bonus 4 – Catchy Headline Generator

Now forget wasting time on brainstorming catchy headlines. This generator will assist you to deliver best and click bait catchy headlines for your content. Now, it’s time to boost your sales.


Bonus 5 – Affiliate Link Clocker

From this features, you can easily clock your affiliate link.

  • Enter the affiliate link you would like to clock.
  • Enter the page title you would like to use.
  • Click on create a page and save the file.

As per how you want to cloak your affiliate link.


Click here to claim above bonus

 This software is the revolution in the Facebook marketing. Any business who is short of budget & seeking more sales

This software is the revolution in the Facebook marketing. Any business who is short of budget & seeking more sales generation from Facebook then one should definitely go for this software. It is no doubt, this software is new in the market, which you should take advantages right now because of less competition on Facebook.

I would like to hear your comment and review on this software. Or, if someone seeking any advice then you can drop your comment below.

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