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Study Graphic Design Online from a Legend – “SEYMOUR CHWAST”

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Study Graphic Design online with design legend and AIGA Medalist Seymour Chwast!

Launched by SkillShare


study graphic design onlineImagine studying GRAPHIC DESIGN online from a Master who has encountered challenges in his life, is at the zenith of his glory and you becoming his pupil?

To become a renowned person in the world of GRAPHIC DESIGN, you must first study, understand and learn from the greats.

But do you think you can have a personal interaction with a person who has gained the respect of his contemporaries, his seniors, and even the present generation?

You would be lucky, if you are one, of course. If you come in contact, and he/she wishes to guide you, the Master can upgrade your skills to a new height.

There are normal people and there are legends. To sum up, when you think about 3D gaming, the name John Carmack and Yu Suzuki springs to your mind; if it is a video game, the brain picks a flash of the name of Thomas T Goldsmith, coming to computers, you always hold with high regard the name Charles Babbage.

And, when it comes to Graphic Design, among the few names held in high earnest in the field, the name of SEYMOUR CHWAST stands high.


Yes, you got it right. The individual who led the major revolution in American graphic design and illustration. One of the most influential designers and illustrators of the last century, the founder of Push Pin Studios in 1954, who never re-copied his own works, a person with experience in woodcut, montage, collage, ink, paint, charcoal; graver, burin and pencil has announced a course at Skillshare.
Already more than 600 students joined in the first week to attend this class by SEYMOUR CHWAST

His work was honored and exhibited at the Louvre Museum in 1970. Seymour is also a member of the Art Directors Hall of Fame and a recipient of the AIGA Medal. This new 45-minute online Graphic Design Skillshare class, An Artist at Work: Inside the Studio with Seymour Chwast, is equal parts career retrospective, master seminar, and a visit to the museum.  This Graphic Design online class is available with Skillshare Premium MembershipThe class is available with Skillshare Premium Membership, just $10 a month for unlimited access to thousands of creative classes in design, writing, entrepreneurship, and more! month for unlimited access to thousands of creative classes in design, writing, entrepreneurship, and more!

study graphic design online

Imagine attending classes from an artist, who has created his own LEGACY.

If you are one who wants to have your name entrenched in the world of graphic design and illustration, you have come to the right place.

But let us look at the last important point on why you have to join this class. Because…….

It is true the influx of internet have given rise to a booming video industry where free classes of every industry are available. But can they satisfy your hunger for more knowledge?

Opportunity knocks only once – proverb.

In this era of fast-paced life, believe us, it will be a waste of time, if you keep on spinning the wheels and trying to learn by yourself.

If this is you, then behold!

Many free options will have loopholes that may bring you back to the same place where you stood before. That sounds far from the knowledge which you thought could be acquired freely.

Even your time has value and if you get a chance to learn from the best of the best, then why don’t you go for it?

Experts in any field are usually termed an impassive, resilient and ‘loner’ lot. But the fact is, they are not; they are too busy in their own world reaching the pinnacle of creativity by which they impress us.

 It is very rare, they come out from their COCOON, to share their wide knowledge which they have painstakingly accumulated over the years. When they announce one, the time is ripe, LADY LUCK has smiled 

Now, are you ready to do whatever it takes, get guidance from a person who has created an identity of his own, enroll in the class, and tell anyone in the world, that I did the course under the great guy?

If you are ready to take the plunge, no matter the challenges, and wish to become a world-renowned graphical illustrator or artist, then enroll soon as possible in the course at skill share. For your information, kindly note

Every class has gems of its own, but in the duration, you will be having lessons on

  • The creative process by Seymour Chwast himself.
  • Information on 20th century visual culture (you will have to work on 100 plus projects).
  • How you can adapt to the recent trend by enhancing your wit and style.
  • In addition, you will also be gifted resources to embark on your creative trip.
  • At this course, the level of skill you possess will be known from the eyes of an expert; You will also be accorded support, encouragement, and motivation to generate the results which were pending for a long time.
  • The course is specially designed for passionate individuals who simply want to learn under the best to reform their skills. Often, only a Master will know where to chip off the rough edges.


One of the advantages of joining classes under a Master, are that you get to know similar minds, get contacts and grow together. You can also create a forum of your own. The benefits will definitely be long-term.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a student, who has all the time in the world other than your education classes, or already a professional, who is in the similar field of design, you have got the chance. Click here to Enroll Now, get your skills refined and never look back!

Remember, there is no easy way to lose the wrongful knowledge and skills you have acquired unless you get them rectified from a Master. All the best! Hope to see you in class.

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