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7 viral wordpress theme you should try before you go with other themes. I bet, you would love it.

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Viral WordPress theme of 2017 – Top 7 voted theme of the year

Viral WordPress theme plays a vital part in marketing of your website it does that by putting your website into the limelight. Viral content is basically sharing or posting media that suddenly becomes an online sensation.

You, yourself must have experienced some of the aspects of viral content for example the number of videos, images, and texts that are forwarded to you on daily basis via social networking sites as well as various blogs and online magazine.

A blog or a magazine like website need viral content that can gain them a lot of followers. Choosing a viral WordPress theme might work in a similar way, it might help you understand factors which are essential for making your website/blog a success.

All the viral wordpress theme that are available online today have various useful features. A selected few of these themes are perfect and have features that might turn your blog/website into the “talk of the internet”.


Presenting you top 7 viral wordpress theme for your blog

ViralFeed – Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme

A viral wordpress theme that is most suitable for magazine based websites, it presents an elegant and simple design which has a lot of customizable options.

It includes various important features some of which are 4 different blog layouts, a classic layout, a list layout, a grid layout with 3 columns and a grid layout with 2 columns. Apart from that, it provides 3 post layouts, you can give your post a parallax effect or set a full width or standard post layout.

Then you have a Swiper Carousel Slider which just makes your magazine/blog more interesting. And you can get $30 worth of free content on this theme.

Why you should choose ViralFeed – Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme?

Quads ads plugin, provides features such as adding ads to the AMP page, posting responsive ads, managing the visibility of ads. It also includes automatic mode for detecting the optimal ad sizes on each device and optimized speed that guarantees good performance, This feature play a huge part in making ViralFeed a viral wordpress theme.

Contact Form 7 plugin, this plugin proves useful for creating unlimited contact forms that include multiple fields for your website, and it makes sending emails more simple and hassle free.

ViralFeed includes languages (POT) files, which makes browsing them much more easy and quick.

ViralFeed theme has its own banner system, wherein you can add images, text, videos or any kind of code, not only that you can even add effects or edit them, effects like how long it will take for it to disappear.

Sidebar Generator, that lets you created any amount of sidebar that you need for efficient working of your blog/website.

WordPress in itself is a good platform for getting good SEO services but that doesn’t mean you can’t take additional measures, Yoast SEO plugin has been integrated with this viral wordpress theme this particular plugin you get various functionalities one of which is page analysis, which takes care of simple things that you are very likely to forget. Like the length of your post is it long enough? or whether your image has an alternate tag containing the focus keyword.

Increase Page Clinks is guaranteed as this theme has been developed keeping “the need for more page clicks” in mind.

Post Reaction that will allow the customers or users on your website to react to your post with their choice of reaction.

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Bimber – Viral WordPress Theme

Create viral quizzes very quickly with this viral wordpress theme, it includes front-end user interface for the customers and back-end user interface for editors.

It also provides a perfectly easy way to display more links along with that Mega menus for category will be automatically generated. It displays 3-4 popular posts at the top which can get you more pageviews.

Advanced font options will assist you in developing an attractive magazine website or blog for which you don’t need to have any kind of programming skills or knowledge. You could decide to go for light or dark skin of this website.

Why you should choose Bimber – Viral WordPress Theme?

Snax – Viral Front-End Uploader plugin (save $24),  allows users on your site/blog to upload viral content such as stories, memes ,lists, images, galleries, and embeds. Its extremely easy to use and will help improve the traffic quality and quantity of your website.

Visual Composer plugin (save $34), which proves a great help in creating a website quickly, it has functionalities like drag and drop builder which makes building complex sites easier.  

bbPress plugin, build your own forum that can be completely integrated into your website, not only that it will also enhance the performance of your site and perform all the tasks smoothly.

WooCommerce plugin, its blends your product with the post listings which will definitely improve the conversion rates with the integration of this beneficial plugin. You will have the chance of earning more through your magazine/blog.

An option of choosing between two of the very popular comment systems, one is Facebook and other disqus, or you can make use of both of them, both of them have their advantages but the end purpose is of engaging the audience so that you can get more clients and gain their trust.

Google AMP support, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which provide optimization for faster loading of pages of blog/website on a mobile device. Then it leads in higher Google mobile ranking, due to carousel you can get more page views and it runs with customizer settings for a viral wordpress theme. It is absolutely essential to have this feature.

WPML integration makes building a multilingual site more easy by which you can reach the crowd of all the online populace. Its powerful enough to be used for business websites and at the same time simple enough to be used by blogs/magazines.

Instant search results, which is very similar to the one google provides it makes users more happy with your website/blog.

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Boombox – Viral Buzz WordPress Theme

Flexible and completely understandable posts ranking system, with rankings options like “trending”, “popular” and “hot” is one feature that helps in making boombox a viral wordpress theme. It also includes Zombify frontend uploader with which users can submit content to your magazine or blog.

This content is held for approval of the editor or admin before it is posted on the blog/magazine. And provides a way with which you can gather more crowd for your website. It’s the only viral wordpress theme that combines viral and buzz features. One of which is reaction voting system, you can choose from a huge set of available reactions.

Why should you choose BoomBox – Viral Buzz WordPress Theme?

WP QUADS plugin, it automatically adds AMP ads to your site, uses mobile optimized as well as responsive adsense ads, disables adsense ads on various devices and also defines the adsense ad size for a phone, tablet or desktop devices. It even manages your ads in a such a way that you get maximum clicks on it.

Froala Rich text editor, which follows “WYSIWYG”, and is much better than the default wordpress editor.

Create complex stories, what it means is you can include a quiz, poll, and other post formats now in a single article and make it more versatile and interesting to the users on your blog/website.

With BoomBox theme, you can have access to superfast GIFs which can be converted to mp4 in no time. And can be shared directly on social networking sites like Facebook.

Configurable Posts Ranking System which includes 4 post ranking types, views, shares, upvotes and comments.

Easy social share plugin (save $19), its #1 selling social share plugin that provides and easy method for displaying social share buttons on your website or blog.

Mashshare add-on facilitates a powerful social sharing system by providing various buttons that make sharing over 25 networks a possibility, one of the networks is WhatsApp for mobile phone. You will have a lot of new customers on your website in a shorter time period than it takes a lot of other websites to gather them. This is one feature that makes BoomBox a viral wordpress theme.

BuddyPress integration, this features concentrates on providing the developer ease of integration as well as ease of use. It plays a huge role in social networking and yet is quite simple to understand. It also allows for more add-ons features through wordpress extensive plugin system.

Configure your own criterias with this viral wordpress theme, you can consider following criteria as examples most shared, most viewed, most voted and most discussed.

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King – Viral WordPress Theme

It is a viral wordpress theme that allows community users to post news, videos, and images. There are a lot of advantages of using this theme for making your magazine or blog go viral, some of which are, user profiles, “post like system”, social login, view counters, cross-browser compatibility and few more.

As if that’s not enough it has a trendsetter and appealing look that will definitely get your website the required amount of crowd and more.

Add to that a fake view counter which is highly believable and will get you the right kind of followers for your website/blog.

Why you should choose King – Viral WordPress Theme?

ACF Pro premium plugin, this one will take care of the functionality of your website by providing extra fields and features such as intuitive galleries, custom page settings, reusable fields, page building layouts and repeatable blocks.

Video upload and king video player makes uploading videos simple and efficient process. It is particularly great for magazine or blog development. This viral wordpress theme also includes mp3 upload and player for easy audio file uploads and broadcast.

A unique and stylish user profile page, which provides simplicity and ease of access to all the users.

Have access to various different pages some of which are “Hot page”, “NSFW posts page”, “categories page”, “users page”, “Reaction page” and few more.

User follow system, that adds new subscribers to your blog/magazine as soon as they hit the “follow” button which has been displayed on your website or blog.

It comes integrated with a Private Messaging System, which allows users on your blog to communicate with each other via private messages, along with this feature the user will get New Message notification in his/her account on your website.

Provides all its users a separate social login and registration interface using which they can share your blog or posts on your blog, either way, it’s beneficial to you as you will gain more followers through it.

NSFW posts can be management and censored as per your requirements with this viral wordpress theme.

You can choose from either the Trends or Featured posts sliders or go for both they will just add extra functionality for your website that users are going to appreciate.

Get Verified users on your blog/magazine and which is much secure and will build trust amongst all your users.

A list of this theme’s personal King widgets that include king trending posts, king hot posts, king related posts, king most commented posts, king top users widget and recent comments.

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PressGrid – Frontend Publish Reaction & Multimedia Theme

Not every magazine theme has frontend publishing or multimedia theme features it’s something you will get only with PressGrid. Live theme customization is possible and it works great on all kind of devices let it be a phone, tablet or desktop.

It is an ultra modern theme perfect for developers who are interested in boosting their website’s traffic. It has a grid layout that is very similar to that of pinterest and sometimes familiarity helps the users in handling new services better. A theme that supports all the required Post formats which are Video, Audio, Link, Quote and Status for Twitter and Instagram.

Why you should choose PressGrid – Frontend Publish Reaction & Multimedia Theme?

Social login integration takes away the hassle that comes along with creating new accounts by filling out details as well as remembering the username and password for this account this viral wordpress theme lets its users sign up via Facebook and Twitter.

Multi-blogging is a possibility with this viral wordpress theme. everyone can post on your blog or website.

Front-End Publishing that lets the users on your website post their own content it could be any kind of post or an article, without letting them near any sensitive information. The editors or admin of the page have to approve the posts which are then published on the magazine/blog.

Amazing liquid/responsive layout, a fluid layout is one on which a website is built on relative widths, grids, and percentages, which allows the website to scale up and down in a fluid manner.

Post reaction options such as “happy”, “sad”, “angry”, “love”, and “hate” are provided to users, who can then react to the posts on your magazine or blog. This might not seem like a big advantage but it actually gets the right kind of customers/subscribers to your blog.

A viral wordpress theme that has been optimized for faster performance.

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Bunchy – Viral WordPress Theme with Open Lists

The first viral wordpress theme that has provided users the open lists feature. which makes interaction with users more efficient they can vote on your posts and post content of their own which is only posted after approval.

All the necessary tools that are required for the creation of a viral content sharing platforms are provided by this viral wordpress theme to which is an advantage for not only the developers but for the users as well. you can choose to keep the sidebar or forego it, that is one of the options available when developing your viral website with this theme.

Why you should choose Bunchy – Viral WordPress Theme with Open Lists?

An in-house Snax plugin, which provides open list feature. an open list can be created by making use of front end submission form, it also lets the users submit list times such as images or embeds from various social media sites.

A viral wordpress theme that has been powered by BuddyPress plugin, that helps in building a strong social networking presence, this plugin focuses on ease of integration, ease of use and extensibility

MailChimp WordPress plugin for free, it makes adding more subscribers to your MailChimp lists quite simple. It will act as a bridge between your website/blog and your  MailChimp account connecting them together.

Full RTL support, which makes it compatible with websites that has languages that are written in the Right-To-Left direction.

Viral Content Optimization provides features such as creating listicles that include images, gifs, self-hosted videos and embeds, “popular” “hot” and “trending” lists, and Maximize the Time a user spends on your Page with “You may also like”, “More from category” and “Don’t miss” sections.

MashShare plugin provides you social media buttons that are easily visible, these buttons are displayed before and after the post content on your blog. make your site go viral with fake share counters it’s a great feature for newbies.

4 different homepage and archive layouts that include the following: Classic + sidebar, Grid + sidebar, List + sidebar, Grid

It also has the WP QUADS plugin, which makes ad management seem like a walk in the park, it takes measures to make your website more adsense oriented, which not only will increase the profit that you earn but will also contribute in gathering a crowd to your blog/magazine.

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VastBuzz – Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme

A highly customizable viral wordpress theme, which is simple and feature-rich. It is also great for faster performance and is user-friendly which will be a benefit for your website. 8 different homepage layouts and choices even for header have been provided which prove essential in creating a site that is unique and stands out.

It’s SEO ready that leads to a higher ranking of your website on popular search engines like google, yahoo, and bing, and it is WPML ready so that your magazine/blog can reach the online populace of the entire world. Creating a list, meme, quiz, pool, video, audio, gallery news can be done easily by using this viral wordpress theme.

Why you should choose VastBuzz – Viral & Buzz WordPress Theme?

Extensive Admin Interface, that makes managing posts that have been submitted by users less weary, you have a separate admin menu which makes everything simpler. an admin also has access to dashboard widgets some of which guide a new user through the tasks if not required you can turn them off.

Font Awesome Icon plugin, font awesome icon is actually a pictographic font set of 361 icons,  all of which are extremely scalable and compatible with screen readers. you can integrate these icons with your website in three ways first is through the HTML by adding the required code segment in your code, next is shortcode where you can forego the HTML tags and tinyMCE plugin where you can select the icon that you want to add from the drop-down list in the visual editor.

Incredibly compatible for mobile devices such as iPad & iPhone, both of which are widely popular devices.

Unlimited color option for post and category, that will make your website more unique.

Advanced Typography Options, adds additional attractiveness to your website or blog with the advanced typography functionalities that provides various font options when you are developing a magazine/blog. You can even decide the font size for all your text content.

Front-end uploader (Save $29 on it) presents all the users with an easy and efficient interface with which uploading content to your website/blog is fun and absolutely easy which drives user engagement. That’s pretty great for accumulating a good amount of target audience for your website.

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Conclusion of viral WordPress theme of 2017

You should ask yourself one question before you choose a viral wordpress theme of 2017, Which theme meets most of my requirements? All the themes mentioned above have some of the best qualities, but when you make a list of all that you think is necessary for your website/blog you might have to compromise in some cases. Get the one which ticks off more items on your list.

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